Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Best Friend's Girl

I have to admit that I will receive the Doomass Award this year. I watched this movie and near the end I was like, "How many more times are they going to play that song by The Cars??? Oh, then it hit me. The song is called, My Best Friend's Girl. Duh!

My Best Friend's Girl stars Dane Cook, the profanity-laden closet homosexual comedian as Tank, Kate Hudson, the real-life daughter of Goldie Hawn, as Alexis, the real-life Socialist Alex Baldwin as Professor Turner, the misogynistic father of Tank, and pussy-whipped boyfriend in American Pie Jason Biggs playing Dustin, the pussy-whipped want-to-be boyfriend in this movie.

The premise of the movie is simple. If you want to look like a better boyfriend, hire Tank to take out your girl (or ex-girl). He'll show her the worst time of her life and she'll realize how great she had it and she'll come back crawling on her knees to you. However, his newest assignment, Alexis, isn't so simple. The problem is he actually falls in love with her.

The movie is mostly a battle of profanity and put-downs, many of which are very funny. Kate Hudson prances around in her bra a lot in the movie showing you how small her boobies are - not that it's a horrible factor, but just something that I noticed.

Overall, the movie is somewhat funny. Dane Cook has perfected playing the likable spontaneous jerk and Kate Hudson surprises us with her witty spunkiness. Baldwin and Biggs, however, are no surprises.

The movie is rated R for profanity, sexual situations, profanity, crude humor, and profanity. I give this movie the average of 3 stars.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pineapple Express

I originally thought this was a movie about Hawaii's new transportation system. Perhaps a mental transportation, but certainly not a physical one.

Seth Rogen and James Franco star in Pineapple Express, the zany comedy where they're being chased by the bad guys after they witness a murder while doing a stakeout in order to issues a summons. Seth Rogen is the average guy who likes to smoke a little pot, okay, a lot of pot. This is a character that Seth Rogen has perfected, almost as if he really likes to smoke a lot of pot.

James Franco, best known as the son of the Goblin, is Rogen's dealer. Rogen figures out that they'll probably find the roach and figure out that it's the pineapple express blend, track down the dealer and find him. So both go on the run.

Also in typical form, Rogen uses the movie as an opportunity to break the world record for dropping the F-Bomb in a 2 hour movie. I thought the South Park movie held the record, but according to this site, Pineapple Express actually comes in 62nd place.

The movie has some cameos by some has-beens and some future has-beens, including Nora Dunn, Ed Begley Jr, and Bill Hader.

Pineapple Express is rated R for persistent and pervasive language, some drug use, wait, lots of drug use, some sexual innuendo, and lots of violence. But don't get me wrong the violence is mostly hysterical. The movie is 129 minutes long.

Overall I give this movie 3 stars. Most of my friends gave it 4 stars, but all will admit that I'm slightly turned off by foul language. The movie is a good laugh, though. Check it out!
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