Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Nick is Michael Cera (Juno), the typecast insecure nerdy guy who girls kinda like. Norah is Kat Dennings (40 Year Old Virgin), the somewhat insecure girl who knows what she likes, knows who she's not, and is quite glad about it. Together, they have Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

Norah attends a hoity toity rich girls' school, along with Alexis Dziena (Broken Flowers), but doesn't quite fit in. She and some girls meet at a local music venue that specializes in gay bands. In an act of desperation, Norah runs up to Nick (the non-gay member of the band) and asks him to kiss her and pretend he's her girlfriend.

Nick actually sort of likes Norah and his friends decide that she's the girl for him. Problem is that Norah's friend Caroline needs to get home because she's super sloppy drunk. The gay guys say they will take her home and Norah agrees. Now the shenanigans begin.

The movie plays a lot of good music, hence the infinite playlist. Nick and Norah fall in and out of, well, we won't call it love, but maybe a budding interest in each other.

The movie is fast movie, funny, and lovable. I found myself cheering for both of them. The movie is rated PG-13 for teen drinking, sexuality, language, crude behavior, and gayness and is just over an hour and a half long. I gave this movie 4 stars.

Broken Flowers

I got this movie out of the library for a few reasons. First, I was watching Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist and noticed one of the characters. I thought she was pretty hot, but before I publicly announced that she was hot, I wanted to make sure she was over 18. So I went on

To my delight, Alexis Dziena is 25. Then I noticed she was in Broken Flowers. I did a Google image search and out popped a totally nude picture of her. As Joey Lawrence would say, "Whoa!" So I reserved it from the library.

When it arrived I read the back and it was rated R for language, drug use, and graphic nudity. Graphic nudity? What does that mean? I was thinking extended sex scenes or something.

Now, the movie itself is a dark humor movie starring Bill Murray, a former comedian. He receives an unsigned letter informing him that he has a 19 year old son. With the help of friend Winston (Jeffrey Wright), Murray decides to drive around and reconnect with former girlfriends to find out if they are the mother and if they typed the letter on a typewriter.

There is nothing overly funny about the movie. It is filled with long awkward pauses, which at first were funny, at least the first 41 times, but after that they got annoying. Murray is down on life and every former girlfriend that he finds reminds him that he sucks. Some of if was mildly funny. But for the most part I was unimpressed.

The movie also stars Sharon Stone, Tilda Swinton, and Jessica Lange as former girlfriends. But as I mentioned, the reason I watched it was Alexis Dziena. And based on what I saw and the rating, I have come to the conclusion that MPAA description of graphic nudity means that it shows pubic hair. A boob? That's just nudity. Pubic hair? That's graphic. How ridiculous is that?

So I give this movie only 2 stars. Bill Murray is no longer funny. And the graphicness of the movie was not enough to win me over. Booo!
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