Friday, May 9, 2008

27 Dresses

I must add romantic comedies to my Netflix queue as they become available so that my wife doesn't think that I am totally dominating the queue (which I really am). When I saw 27 Dresses was going to be released, I immediately pushed it to the top of the queue.

This movie stars Katherine Heigl (Knocked Up & Grey's Anatomy) as the perpetual bridesmaid ("always a bridesmaid and never a bride", a phrase coined by Listerine mouthwash - go figure!).

She's been in 27 weddings all featuring horrible bridesmaid dresses. At one wedding she runs into Kevin James Marsden - Enchanted, Hairspray, X-Men) who comes off as this sarcastic jerk. He criticizes her can't say no attitude and belittles the entire thought of marriage. Problem is - she know's he's right.

Then there's the other problem. She's in love with her boss. It gets worse when her younger sister Tess (Malin Akerman, who's been is such hits as Twice in a Lifetime, Relic Hunter, and The Skulls - yikes!) moves in with her and starts dating her boss under a veil of lies to win his love.

Cat fights break out throughout the movie and Heigl cannot seem to shake the obnoxious Kevin, whom she has a slight fascination for. Her love turns to hatred when she finds out he's the famous wedding editor for the newspaper and he rips her to shreds in his latest article.

27 Dresses is a decent romantic comedy. I actually got in some pretty good laughs. Like good rom/com's, it is only an hour and a half long. It is rated PG-13, though I cannot seem to recall why. Perhaps they dropped a bad word. Innuendo?

Overall, I liked this movie and would watch it again. I give it 4 stars. Though predictable, it's a good laugh.

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